The flexible workspace industry has changed considerably since I established Office Freedom - the first property agency to specialize in flexible workspace - in London 25 years ago. After spending seven years as a UK-wide operation, we entered the US market in 2000 and thanks to the growing demand for the flexible solutions and ongoing expansion of global flexible providers, we now have a fully global reach

Office Freedom has been flying the flexible workspace flag for a quarter of a century now and we are delighted to see the incredible changes that have taken place in recent times. Earlier this year we changed our name from SOS Search Office Space to Office Freedom, and our new brand identity perfectly encapsulates the wave of transformation sweeping across the commercial workspace industry today. 

Prior to the global flexible workspace revolution, flexible office solutions were perceived by some as unfashionable, costly and secondary to leased spaces. How the tables have turned! Nowadays, coworking and flexible workspaces are associated with great design, value for money and business growth; they are the primary option for business leaders who want to attract the best talent and grow their business internationally. 

The Flexible workspace has always attracted small and medium size companies who want to minimize financial risk, but now it’s fantastic to see large corporations and enterprise companies embracing our amazing industry on a global scale. The way both large and small businesses operate is changing - a trend towards flexibility in the workplace has led to a surge in demand for more flexible workspace, which, in turn, has prompted many operators to add larger spaces to their property portfolios.

Leading flexible workspace operators like IOS OFFICES are helping to drive growth in burgeoning markets like Mexico by providing both startups and large international enterprises with workspaces that meet their various needs, from technology-driven private offices to collaborative, community-orientated project spaces across their 35 locations. 

The way in which flexible workspaces nurture employee wellbeing and promote productivity are appealing to larger international brands which is why the likes of Amazon, Facebook and Spotify have embraced the sector with such enthusiasm. Design-led, community-focused workspaces are catalysts for growth and provide a perfect platform to attract and retain talent. 

Office Freedom is delighted to be a part of this societal shift towards flexibility and freedom in the workplace. With 25 years of industry experience, we are the best placed commercial intermediary for businesses wh
 require any type of flexible workspace, anywhere in the world. 

 Here’s to the next 25 years!

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Richard Smith

CEO and Founder