Transtelco delivers high-performance enterprise and carrier class network services to domestic and transnational companies. Our scalable, transparent network architecture allows our customers to configure services and assets to fit their business requirements, sharing resources and capabilities across metro, national, and transnational networks. We manage all aspects of our service, including installation, servicing, monitoring, and network management, which allows us to deliver reliable and cost-effective solutions to our customers.

What role does the Internet play in our lives?

The role of a good and reliable Internet plays a big role in our lives. It affects the way we communicate with our families, peers and, with social media, with the entire world. More and more the use of Internet to connect each other is a basic need and now in Mexico constitutes a human right.

Is there a disparity between the quality of the internet services that low income and higher income families have access to?

There is still a significant lag in Internet access between metropolitan areas and rural areas. Despite the efforts of the three levels of government, there are still regions in the country with poor and expensive Internet access.

In a dynamic world like ours, WOULD our daily tasks become a struggle without the Internet?

I think so, most of us get up every day and we look for our mobile device to see news, check mail and answer some personal or business message. We are a society with an important need to be connected.

What methods and initiatives could big cities do to reduce the inequality and to encourage economic growth and investment? 

Definitely, the government should promote public policies to promote investment in the development of telecommunications infrastructure. It has to be a mutual effort in government and companies; as of today, it is very expensive and bureaucratic to obtain permits for the development of infrastructure.

What can big cities do to make sure they have the infrastructure they need to provide access to the Internet?

In my opinion, they should make their public infrastructure available to the communication companies for the development of communication routes. That is, to facilitate the use of it to build fiber-optic networks and wireless access for the installation of antennas.


Alejandro Guzmán

Vice president of sales

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